An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 


What is the safety program?

  • An agreement between Montana State Fund and 7 Montana Agriculture organizations.

  • A program designed to cultivate a culture of safety within a high risk industry. 

  • A program to reduce agricultural related injuries.

  • A program that is bound by the Montana Safety Culture Act of 1993.

  • A program that can provide members a PARTIAL PREMIUM RETURN on their Montana State Fund workers' compensation insurance plan. 

  • A program to help keep YOU, YOUR FAMILY, AND EMPLOYEES SAFE. 

The Safety Culture Act

The Safety Culture Act enacted by the 1993 Montana State Legislature encourages workers and employers to create and implement a philosophy of workplace safety. It is the intent of the act to raise workplace safety to a preeminent position in the minds of all Montana's workers and employers.

Risk is an inherent part of all agricultural operations. However, taking risks with the safety and health of employees is not worth the exposure to potential high level losses.  Money spent on establishing and maintaining a farm/ranch safety program has a high rate of return in preventing indirect costs to the operation.  Making safety a priority and actively promoting safety to your employees can change your employee's behavior toward safety and reduce the number of workplace accidents.

Cultivating a Culture of Safety