Youth in Agriculture
This eTool describes common agricultural hazards and offers potential safety solutions that both employers and young workers can utilize to prevent accidents and avoid injury on the job.

Montana State Fund
Montana State Fund is committed to the health and economic prosperity of Montana through superior service, leadership and caring individuals,
working in an environment of teamwork, creativity and trust.

WorkSafeBC works to prevent injuries by providing health and safety information to industry, workers, and the general public.

Agrisafe Network

AgriSafe was formed in 2003 by rural nurses who believed that together they could improve the health and safety of farmers and ranchers. Today, AgriSafe builds the competency of health and safety professionals to deliver exceptional occupational agricultural health care.

National Weather Service
Watch the weather and plan ahead. Weather has a great effect on agriculture operations. Many times causes people to hurry to beat the weather, cutting corners and creating safety hazards for employees, themselves, and family members.

Montana Department of Labor
The mission of the MT Department of Labor Safety and Health Bureau is to raise the level of awareness of Montana employers and employees about workplace safety and health through inspection, consultation, technical assistance and training.

Occupational Safety & Health Administration
OSHA is determined to use its limited resources effectively to stimulate management commitment and employee participation in comprehensive
workplace safety and health programs.


Cultivating a Culture of Safety