Harvust is one of the top ten startup businesses selected for the national Farm Bureau business competition. 

Keeping everyone safe and on task during peak season is challenging, complex, and time consuming. Harvust is a an HR platform designed for the unique needs of agriculture. 


Farm State of Mind

Resources for taking care of your mental health 

If you, or someone you know, are struggling with anxiety, depression or another mental health challenge, you are not alone. Check out the following resources and follow #FarmStateofMind on social media to show your support. A healthy farm or ranch is nothing without a healthy you.


Death Jump

Farmer survives Airborne Combine Accident

By: Chris Bennett Oct 13, 2020
Death Jump.jpg
Prog farm.png


Ways to prevent accidents and injuries on the farm. 

By: Lori Culler, DTN Farm Business Adviser

Cultivating a Culture of Safety